Tuesday, May 21, 2013

R is for Rainbows and Rain/ U is for Umbrella

R is for rain and rainbows!  U is for umbrella!  A lot of my inspiration for our rainbow week came from teachpreschool.org.  Deborah has a lot of wonderful ideas for rainbows!

Letter Work:
Here we integrated color words and writing and made a color book.  This was from Teach Preschool too!

We also made our own version of the Rainbow Roll Game found here.  I made an electronic copy of the game which can be found on Google Docs.  The letters and numbers are included that you can change how you play the game.

Large Motor Activities:
We made movement ribbons for the kids to practice moving to the music.  I would play soft and loud, fast and slow music and the children would move their ribbons to the music.  They even involved their body!

I was inspired to create my own ribbons after finding this pin on pinterest.

We also used streamers to create a rainbow of our own!  We read the book A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman and created this fun movement activity.  The kids weaved the streamers themselves, and then they worked their bodies through the small openings!  The activity is inspired by this post!

 We made 3-D rainbows inspired by this post.  Each rainbow was unique!

We read Cloudette by Tom Lichtenheld.  It's a wonderful book that talks about how a cloud makes it rain.  We then let the children mix black and white paint to make a rain cloud.  We mixed blue food coloring in with corn syrup and they drip drop painted rain drops on their cloud!

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