Wednesday, April 17, 2013

X Marks the Spot

Aargh!  Pirates landed on the shore this past week in our classroom!

The children LOVED this theme.

We made treasure maps using this concept of paint.  The kids found it cool to paint with coffee!

Once the paper was dry, we had them draw their treasure maps.  We talked a lot about preparing our minds for the project.  We didn't want them to just draw something.  We asked "Where would you hide your treasure?  What do you have to go by?  What can you draw to show how to get there?"
 Thought it would be interesting to show the difference between the ages....this is a 3 year old picture.
 This was another 3 year olds pictures.
 This was a 4 year olds picture.

We completed our treasure hunt study with a group treasure hunt!  I didn't like one certain way to do a treasure hunt I found on the internet or I combined to make one I liked!

Here are the two examples I pulled from: the drawings from this one and the letter and motor activity from this one!

Here is mine!

 A treasure chest made by one of my wonderful aides!

 Walk the plank!  Walk over dangerous rocks!

 The surprise at the end!  They each got a pretend gold coin and a chocolate coin.  I found both at Party City, a party store that has great deals on items such as these.

Finally, I added the pirate gold coins to the sensory table with our balance/scale.  We put the balance in there for the kids to explore how to make things even out.  They loved the pirate gold!

Check back for another post about our catapults and levers!

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