Monday, April 8, 2013

O is for Ocean

Wow!  I can't believe that it has been a month since I have posted!  We have been really busy around here with Easter and wedding stuff.  I played the organ for Holy Week and Easter so I spent a lot of time on the bench practicing.

We will do some catching up on the blog here this coming week!

I will start with O is for Ocean.  I tied this theme with our Spring Program...Commotion in the Ocean.  It is a book written by Giles Andreae.  More on that in another post!

We started our ocean theme talking about the different ocean animals.  We made animals that were on display for our program night.  Here are a few pictures!

 We fingered painted the background to make the blue green color (color idea from here!)  We used their hands to make the octopus.

 Crabs: Paper plate painted red, accordion folded legs and fun googly eyes! 
 Starfish idea came from one of my Mailbox magazines.  You mix a little bit of paint with shaving cream and glue.  We put sparkles on top.  The result is a slightly puffy starfish!

Flying jellyfish (link here)

Next we made ocean wave bottles.  I had each child bring in an empty water bottle.  I found a couple different ideas on pinterest, however one did not work out any better than the rest, so I combined to make my own...a "Make it work!" moment!
 First, have the children put small sea shells at the bottom of the bottle.  I found a pack of 4800 from Oriental Trading for cheap!

 Next, have the children fill the bottle with water.  I had them fill 1/2-3/4 full.  I tinted ours with a little blue and green food coloring.

 Next, fill the remaining space with baby oil.  Baby oil is clear and works the best!  I told the kids that oil and water are not friends and they don't want to be by each other.

I let the kids top their project with silver sparkles.  Hot glue the top on and let the children explore how waves roll back and forth in the bottle!
The kids absolutely loved it!  They carried their bottles all around the classroom.  They shook it up and watched how the oil and water separated.

Thanks for joining us on our ocean adventure!

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