Wednesday, April 10, 2013

M is for Monster

Silly Monsters was our theme!

We focused on teaching and reviewing the shapes through this activity.  We then talked about how to scare away monsters by yelling at them and laughing at the monsters.

We read Go Away Big Green Monster! and did this activity with the paint.  We loved how each of the monsters turned out different.

I added these Monster faces to the magnet center.  Check out the great download here.

For math practice, we continued addition.  I adapted the idea of monster eyes for math from this website.  I love her website!  It is great for adding in ways that are learning games but not the rote flashcards.  I chose to make this a whole group circle time activity.  Her version is great for table work.

I choose to make monsters that would work for both my 4/5 class and my 3/4 class.

For the 4/5 class, I would put two monsters on the board.  We would count the eyes and review how to write the numbers.  We then practiced "counting on" again.  We reviewed the + and = signs.

For the 3/4 class I would put one monster on the board.  We practiced counting and then writing the numbers.  Great practice for reviewing what numbers look like and how many make up each number.

The great googly eyes came from Discount School Supply!

Make it work monsters!

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