Wednesday, April 10, 2013

E is for Easter

Happy Easter everyone!  He is risen..He is risen indeed!  Alleluia!

Easter is a great time to tell the Good News to all my students.  I really make sure they know that Jesus died to save us all from our sins.

Here are some math activities that we did the week leading up to Easter (our Spring Break fell on Holy Week so we did Easter a week early!).

We used Jelly Beans to begin to introduce addition skills and counting on.  We have done "how many are there all together problems?" for some time now, and I wanted to show the children the + and = signs.

 I would put a number in the boxes below the giant jelly beans.  The students would put the number of jelly beans in the matching boxes.  They would then count and figure out how many all together.  I began the process of showing them counting on, which is where they start with 7 (from the picture) and count the 3 more.  So it would go like this... "7....8, 9, 10"

I then had them practice writing their numbers on an answer sheet which we sent home.

For the younger class, we did Jelly Bean sorting.  The children would use the jelly beans to match the colors.  When they were done sorting, I had them count each color for me to practice one to one correspondence.

We also did these projects...sorry I don't have a picture!  Here are the links: Contact Paper Cross and Handprint Cross.

For reading, I created an Emergent Reader with the story of Easter.  I also used the same words to create sentence strips.

Good news to share!  I am now a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers.  All of the items I mentioned we did on this post are now for sale!  Check out my store...!  Two freebies are up there now.  The Emergent Reader and Sentence strips are for sale.

Make it work!

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