Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Catapults and Levers

One of my goals this year was to incorporate more science into the classroom.  This past week we made catapults in the classroom!

For personal ones for the kids to take home, we used this craft with popsicle sticks.  We had the kids glue the popsicle sticks together and then we hot glued the clothespins and spoons on.  We gave the students cotton balls to launch.  Watch out!  Fun to be had by everyone!  They played with their catapults for a good hour!  We loved to teach them how to tilt and angle their catapult to make it go further or a different direction.

One of my aides and her husbands created a lever for the kids to experiment with.  We also put out cylinders, blocks, rulers, cotton balls, and other flying materials for the children to begin to create their own.  Check out the pictures!

We had the students do some critical thinking and writing with this activity.  Check out this freebie!  It is designed to get the students thinking about what they thought could happen, and then what actually happened.

Then we decided to try to do some "Angry Bird" type experiments.  We built a building and then tried a slingshot method to knock it down.  Gave the students a real world experience off the iPad!

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