Friday, March 8, 2013

Dr. Seuss Week!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  Boy, was this week filled with fun Dr. Seuss activities.  We read The Cat in the HatOne Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and Bartholomew and the Oobleck.


Cat in the Hat pictures: from Rainbows Within Reach

For the 3s class...colored fish sorting from here.

Cat in the Hat- Hat memory matching game- Find it here.

Bulletin Board

Based on the link from earlier...Rainbows Within Reach

The -at word family hats can be viewed here.

Special Treats!
The Hat and the bookmark were found at Michael's.  Make sure to use a 40% off coupon!  In years past, we always made hats for the kids, but I was preparing for a conference and a open house, that I decided to purchase them.  Better quality too!

The "Green Eggs and Ham" are found all over Pinterest!

And finally....OOBLECK!!

I didn't quite know what Oobleck was or what the story was about, but I made a batch before hand.  I quickly became amused!  I loved how I could hit the oobleck really hard and it would be a solid.  Then I let it slowly drain from my hand and it was a liquid!  This is called a non-newtonian fluid because it was properties of both a solid and a liquid.  I gave each child 1 cup of corn starch, 1/2 cup of water, and optional food coloring.

I called the girls from the class over and did it with the 6 girls first.  They played with their mixture for 25 minutes.  They would bang their trays making it hard.  Then they would let it run through their hands and watch it drop to the tray.  They absolutely loved it!  The boys...not so much.  They mixed up their ingredients and wanted to be done.  The best part for me was watching how into the experiment some of the kids got!

Here's a quick video to show how it reacts.  Excuse me saying "Oh we need a clean up!"  Oobleck slowly poured onto a child's jeans so we had to quick clean it up!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Y is for You are Special

You are special was our theme for a short break after Winter Break.  For our 3s class I choose to focus on their names because I really want to focus on writing their names with them now.

Fine motor skills!  Plenty of pieces to chose to glue down.  Found the activities here.

We read A My Name is Alice by Jane Bayer and created the above book.  We also made a book that is based on this idea.  The latter idea was used with the 4s group.

My 4s also did this book.

I created a Traveling Book bag with the books we created.  I will share that in another post!