Monday, February 18, 2013

Button Sensory Table

I purchased 9 pounds of buttons for a Valentine's project with the kids. I probably didn't need to purchase that many, but Discount School Supply is great for sucking me in on good deals. I ended up putting about 3 pounds into the sensory table for the kids.

I added a muffin tin for sorting by colors, shapes, size, etc. I also went through and picked out very unique buttons from the collection. I then took pictures of each button and placed the photos by the sensory table with little baggies. I told the children they could search for those buttons and see if they could find them. I found the idea from a Montessori inspired website and amplified it for our preschool students.

Well, lesson learned. I should take more time to explain why I put the muffin tin in there, but I figured we had done enough sorting that they could just explore. They did search for those unique buttons though!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Flower Shop Dramatic Play

I saw a few ideas floating around on Pinterest for a Flower Shop Dramatic Play.  With help from one of my wonderful aides, we created a great time for the kids!

 Word Wall Words
Exploring the Shop
Cash Register for Shop

Pictures to demonstrate how to put together orders.  The order form numbers matched the numbers on the wall

 Fun pretend chocolates!  Puff balls!

I also created Order Forms and Valentine Cards to promote writing at the center.  You can find those here!! (I used the Smiley Monster font.)

I hope you enjoyed our make it work moment in our flower shop!

V is for Valentine's Day

Hearts were flying these past two weeks with talk of Valentine's Day.  I'll split up my posts because we did so much!

Here are the projects that we did:
 Secret Message: "Jesus Loves You"  I drew a cross, heart and the letter U with a white crayon and let the kids do water color.  They loved the secret message.  What a great time to talk about Jesus' love for us!

 Melting Crayons:  Science, fine motor, and colors all rolled into one activity!  I had the kids peel paper off for fine motor practice.  Then we melted the crayons in the first of course!  I had a heart tray from my Valentine's gift to the kids last year so we put the crayons in there to make a new heart crayon!
 Coffee Filter Art...idea found here!

 Button Heart Project...found here!
 The Heart emergent reader book.  I adapted it from pre-k pages.
 Cookie Cutter Hearts...a process project!  I was letting the kids explore the paint and cookie cutters over the product.  I just let them paint!

Valentine Holders...very neat idea found here.
 From the inside
From the outside....The words say "For God so loved the world"...however the black didn't show up like I was expecting it would.  Note to self...use yellow or orange next time!
Heart SunCatchers....adapted from here!

 Found these at the Dollar Spot at Target.  I put Candy Hearts out for sorting or matching.
Idea similar to this one.

Valentine's Day Party:

 Snack I made for the kids...idea adapted from this website.
My Valentine's gift to the kids....A note that was included said "Bounce for Joy!  Jesus Loves You!"  Thanks so much to my Mom for finding the Snoopy Valentine's and Bouncy Balls
Graphing with Candy Hearts...packet from