Friday, January 18, 2013

W is for Winter

Despite the lack of snow, we had our winter theme this week.  There are so many great ideas out there, that it is hard to choose for a week!

This week, I really wanted to focus on teaching the children more about the science of freezing water and melting, but also combine with other fun theme ideas.

Here's what we did!

 Table Toys:

 I learned I need to find smaller tweezers for the kids with this one.  Found the post here.  I couldn't figure out the download so I created my own!
 Snowball counting: Use the tweezers to match snowballs (AKA puff balls that sparkle!) on the number.  Check it out!
Snowflake Matching's was even hard for me!  Found it here.

 SNOWFLAKE CRYSTALS!  The kids loved this!  We mixed hot water, borax, and a little food coloring, and ta-da!  Crystals!

 Finished product!
 We had the kids freeze water, and then we gave them warm water (with blue liquid water color), cold water (with yellow liquid water color) and salt.  A little science in mixing colors never hurts!
 They loved figuring out how to make the dropper worked.  They discovered how to make holes in their ice. They observed how colors are mixed.

Then cracks began to form in their ice, so I told them that ice was like a block building.  When it starts to get pulled apart...the building falls!

Teacher Time:

 Don't Break the Ice!  We practiced with letters to do a quick assessment to see what letters they knew.

We also played in shaving cream (like snow) to practice writing names, shapes, and letters.
 Snow globe project!  I adapted it from this blog.

Circle Time:
We used this poem in circle time to practice out math skills, as well as rhyming!  Find it here!  And yes...I put snowMAN instead of snowMEN.  My mistake!

Make it work!


  1. Such cute ideas!

  2. Thank you so much! Can't wait to check your blog out!