Monday, January 7, 2013

Transportation Theme

With our Christmas program, playing organ and directing handbells for Christmas Eve, and buying a house I have been jam packed!  When I have free time, I want to enjoy some downtime and spend it with James or my family.  And now before I head back to school tomorrow, I want to catch you all up on my past months!

 We studied transportation in November.  I provided different activities for the children to explore motion and movement.

 Marble Works:  The children LOVE this game.  They got to build towers and try to figure out how the marbles roll down through the tunnels.

 Journal Activity for 3s: Stickers for fine motor and tracing
 Marble Racing down a pool noodle!
 Using a wooden ramp to explore what rolls and what doesn't
 Driving cars through paint!
 Roll and Stamp game from
 Moon Dough!
 Neighborhood drawing.  Children were able to draw on a neighborhood and use cars to drive around.  Found on

 Using an obstacle course to teach about green, yellow, and red and how it helps you move.

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