Monday, January 7, 2013

T is for Thanksgiving

Here's what we did for our Thanksgiving Feast!
 This note and a Ziploc baggie went home with the students asking if they would contribute to the feast.  Check out the note here.
 Indian Vests (idea from  We used sponges to paint stamps and the children worked on creating patterns.
 Table toys: Stitched cornucopia, first Thanksgiving book, and Little People Thanksgiving Feast.
 Pocket chart and sight words.  Idea adapted from
Painting hands for handprint turkeys!  Sorry, I didn't get a picture of final product!
Thanksgiving Feast!  Headbands with pattern shapes, dyed noodle necklaces, and vest.  The food you see is from our feast.  

For the feast, students brought in one item to make a feast.  Some brought in Chex Mix, some chocolate chips, etc. for a party mix.  We also had fruit to make a fruit salad.  They thought it was fun that they all brought in food to share!

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