Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY Light Box

I saw this post on the Teach Preschool website and thought "What a brilliant idea!"  I had never thought of a light table before.  Last summer I went on a hunt for a plastic tote with no ridges on top.  Boy that was a challenge.

Finally I found one at Joann Fabrics!  Check it out!

After more research on the light box, I decided to use silver plastic spray paint to reflect the light, and "frosted" clear plastic spray paint to 'diffuse' the light on the top as suggested in another post on Teach Preschool.

I found the lights for the inside at Target (but I couldn't find a link to to show you).  Here is a picture of what they look like here.  I put two of these in the light box and it is just the right amount.

For our first go around at playing with the light box, I placed water beads in the table with the light box.  I found Aqua-Gems at Joann's.  The kids loved it!  I even would sit and run my hands through the gems.  It is a great sensory experience!

In the coming weeks I'll add overhead shapes (for when you teach geometry to older kids on the overhead projector) and maybe I'll do small mirrors that will reflect the light.

Check out the pictures below for the water beads and light box in action!

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