Friday, January 11, 2013

D is for Dinosaur


Hear that?!  That's the sounds of kids pretending to be dinosaurs!  The students loved this week of dinosaurs.  They loved all the activities that I found from Pinterest and fellow blogs.  Here is what we did this week....


 Dinosaur patterns (from a Scholastic Magazine a year or so ago) and dinosaur figurine kit I found at Toys R Us.

 Buried dinosaurs in the sand!  I found a tube of mini plastic dinosaurs at Toys R Us and buried them in the sand.  I explained they were going to be archaeologists and uncover dinosaurs.  I didn't know where to find bones so this was the closest alternative!  I provided little brushes, tooth brushes, and squirt bottles.  The students fell in love with uncovering them!


 The 3/4 class made a Dinosaur book where they colored the dinosaurs according to the colors.
 The 4/5 class made a dinosaur rebus book where I used this to base our discussion of sight words on.  I got this from a cooperating teacher.  Not sure where she got it!
 I used Crayola air dry clay and a bunch of different noodle shapes, and the kids created fossils.  This boy's dinosaurs turned out great!

I found the dinosaur color book and example for the fossil from

Circle Time:
 Five Silly Dinosaurs Poem
Rhyme a Saurus!

I found both of these activities here.

Bringing it all together:

I love that I can use Pinterest and other blogs to bring together all these ideas.  When I first started teaching I was just using one resource...because that was all in knew!  I love "Making It Work" when I find different ideas.  I realize now I don't have to use it ALL.  I can pick and choose!  Next year, I'll try some other ideas!

And here's a nice way to end my week....I got this from a student today!

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