Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why I Teach in Lutheran Schools

Some of my classes have been tough this year.  Some not listening, some very whiny, some very needy.  However, in the midst of the rough classes, I had one shining moment and reminded me why I am a teacher...especially a teacher in Lutheran schools!  (And just so you know....the tough classes will get's only October!)

For the past couple of weeks I have been teaching the children about creation.  A parent gave me a this CD last year and I discovered it had a Creation Musical on it.  The CD has songs for each day of creation.  The kids are getting a kick out of it.  It starts off with opera music, then it goes country, then it goes rock!

We have been working on learning these songs, and on Wednesday we were in chapel.  One student kept raising her hand and would say "Remember, I have a song to sing for you!"  Well I would say, "Not right now. We are in church and we need to be quiet."  In my head, I was thinking "Oh boy.  This is the girl that says she watches the Katy Perry movie, will sing her songs during play time, and told me she got a rock from California and Katy Perry gave it to her.  I'll let her sing once we go back to the classroom."  Well she proceeded to stand up, move to where I was sitting, looked at me and said "I need some music."  I looked at my aide with a look of "What do I do?!"  My aide started snapping her fingers, I started clapping and my student started singing.

She began by singing some of the same lyrics as our Creation Musical.  She was making her own melody and making up words.  She was signing about creation, about what God made.  And then, in the midst of the snapping, clapping, and random singing, she sang "And God sent Jesus to die on the cross to forgive our sins because He loves us so much!"

I about broke into tears!  This is why I teach in Lutheran Schools!  She is learning the love of Christ.  This was a girl who was very sassy last year, and wouldn't always listen.  I don't even think her family goes to church that often.  And here she was singing about Christ loving her.

In the midst of a bad couple of days with rough classes, she was my bright shining moment.  This is why I teach.

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