Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Leaves are Falling One by One

Thought I would share our letter L theme for the past couple of weeks....Leaves!

 Melting Crayons on a candle warmer.  Idea from here!  My kids loved it!  Wonderful science experiment for the children as well because they learned how heat melted the crayons down.


 Finished leaf tree!  
 Seasons of a tree.  Idea from this website!

Leaf Man Rubbings!  Oregano is the texture on the acorn head and feet.

Clifford Scholastic Reader

Leaf patterning.  I bought paper punches from Michael's so it was easier to prepare!  I will keep these for the students portfolios.

The Leaves are Falling One by One (get it here!)  I got the Book on CD from Scholastic and then had leaf cutouts.  The students got to throw leaves in the air when they heard the line "Fly, Fly, Fly!"  They absolutely loved this!  Hopefully you can see the leaf cutouts in the picture.  Hard to capture when all the kids were moving around!

Leaves...Make it Work!

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