Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fun Fall Extras!

When I was sick in the beginning of October, my dad drove 2 hours at 1:30 on a Sunday morning to come and rescue me.  Yeah...I was that sick!  However, I reached a turning point and soon my dad was leaving.  I truly appreciate that he was there for me!

On his way out, he found a praying mantis by my garbage can!  We caught it and I took it to school for that week.  My kids LOVED it!  One mom, who was big into science, looked at it and said that it was a female and it was pregnant.  I believe she said we could have close to 1500 babies soon!  Eek! We don't need that in the classroom.

She also said that it was hungry.  She brought in live crickets and dropped it in the cage.  Before we knew it, the kids were watching the praying mantis catch the crickets and chomp away at it.  Circle of life.  And you know what, the kids LOVED it.

Here's a picture of the bug eating the cricket.

Needless to say, the bug went home with that mom.  The student came back this week and said that the mantis laid the sack.  She can keep the babies at her house!

On another note...

Here's our October bulletin board!


  1. Glad you are feeling better. Love reading about your classroom.

    1. Thanks Mrs. B! I really appreciate that :-)

  2. Love the bulletin board! Glad you are feeling better.