Friday, August 24, 2012

Preschool Open House

For the past two years, I have done a basic orientation/open house with our preschool.  The first year I did a lot of talking because I was nervous in front of the parents.  The second year I did barely any talking because I was even more nervous (go figure!).  This year, with inspiration from other blogs, I did something different. Here is my inspiration.

I created stations that the parents move through, end up in the church for a brief talk, and then move to the fellowship hall for a project and ice cream sundaes.  

The stations were moving quickly at first, but then all the parents came at once and got hung up at my station.  I needed them to review their emergency contact info and then sign.  It was hard to keep the pace when parents wanted to talk to me!  Next year, I will put those papers in their folder and then they can turn them in.

For our project, we took Pizza Hut boxes, turned them inside out and wrote Preschool Memories.  Students got to decorate them and take them home so they could store their favorite projects throughout the year.

Station 1: Pick up folder and Meet and Greet Poem
Station 2: Take a picture

 Station 3: Sign up for Playdough Club and Room Parents

Station 4: Apples for Donations
(Sorry these are crooked!  My computer would not let me rotate when I uploaded)

 Pizza Box Project

 Present for the Parents

Present for the students

I had some positive reviews from the parents.  They seemed to enjoy the night!  With a few tweaks, it will be even better next year.


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  2. Wow, Tera! I am so impressed, and the parents should be, too!