Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pinterest Moment

Time versus Money

This debate is going on in my head as I look at Pinterest everyday.

Case in point...while on vacation we went to the Flea Market in town. My sister and I were determined to find something to "pinterest.". Bingo! She found it. A candleabra! The seller said it was an antique. We didn't care. It was $5. I'm not known for bartering so I bought it for $5.

Dad gave me the instructions to sand the whole thing down and then we could spray paint it. Wow did that sanding take a long time! My arms were sore by the time I was finished. I couldn't get the tiny corners but I did get it pretty smooth.

My mom and I found some spray paint that made it look antique. Wow! It gave it quite the look! After sanding the antique away...I was just spraying back on! But I like how it turned out.

As I'm writing this I go back to the debate. I know that I could've found something at Kohl's or Pier 1 and saved a lot of time but spent more money. However, I was on vacation so I got to take the time to enjoy the project. I am so proud of how it turned out.

I think from now on when I look at a project on Pinterest I'll decide if it's worth the time or the money.  What are your thoughts?

Pictures below! All I need are some candlesticks!

 The find!
 Sandpaper ready to wipe the ugly green paint away
 Cool silver color underneath
 Ready to spray paint

 If you look closely you can see the "hammered" look the spray paint gave it.


  1. I LOVE THIS! Its adorable and very functional. Well worth the time and money spent in my opinion! Im feeling crafty this week, now to figure out what I will be DIYing :-)

  2. Thanks Tiffany! Did you ever figure out what to DIY?!