Friday, August 31, 2012

Teaching Binder

Good Morning to you all!

I pray that your Labor Day weekend will be relaxing and rejuvenating!

Today I wanted to share with you how I am organizing my binder this year.  Last year I had three or four binders going for attendance, Star of the Week and Birthday schedule, faculty devotion schedule and more.  Eeek!  That's too many calendars and schedules to keep track of!

Inspired by other blogs and Pinterest I have condensed and improved my binder...and I am loving it!

I first found a calendar from this blog.  I then plugged in ALL of the following information:

  • School Calendar
  • Star of the Week Schedule
  • Birthdays and Half Birthdays
  • Faculty Devotion Schedule
  • Family to Pray for during the week
  • Weekly Theme
Sweet!  It's all in one spot!  Here are some pictures.
 Teacher To Do List with Post It Notes.
(see original post here)
 I am really working on creating different centers and keeping the student's interest alive.  I have created a check list of sorts that I can refer to and make changes in the classroom.  Whenever I find a new idea on Pinterest, I will add it here!
 In order to hit all my curriculum goals, I have created a chart to help me remember what to work on each month.
 Lesson Plans.  I created my own.  The ones I found in stores just didn't have what I wanted or needed to make my life easier.
 Calendar with EVERYTHING on it.  
 I have the Birthday Bookmark cards already done and organized by month!  Now I won't be running around the day of the child's birthday!  

We are also praying for a preschool family during the week in devotions as part of our Evangelism Plan.  I ordered postcards from Vistaprint that say we prayed for them.  Once they are in, I will put them in here as well (already addressed and stamped of course!)
We are doing a Playdough Club this year, so I got this from here.  I will send home the recipe the week before to the parents.

So there you have it.  My Make It Work Moment of the week.  I am hoping that this will help me be more organized.  What do you do for teacher binder organization?  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Preschool Open House

For the past two years, I have done a basic orientation/open house with our preschool.  The first year I did a lot of talking because I was nervous in front of the parents.  The second year I did barely any talking because I was even more nervous (go figure!).  This year, with inspiration from other blogs, I did something different. Here is my inspiration.

I created stations that the parents move through, end up in the church for a brief talk, and then move to the fellowship hall for a project and ice cream sundaes.  

The stations were moving quickly at first, but then all the parents came at once and got hung up at my station.  I needed them to review their emergency contact info and then sign.  It was hard to keep the pace when parents wanted to talk to me!  Next year, I will put those papers in their folder and then they can turn them in.

For our project, we took Pizza Hut boxes, turned them inside out and wrote Preschool Memories.  Students got to decorate them and take them home so they could store their favorite projects throughout the year.

Station 1: Pick up folder and Meet and Greet Poem
Station 2: Take a picture

 Station 3: Sign up for Playdough Club and Room Parents

Station 4: Apples for Donations
(Sorry these are crooked!  My computer would not let me rotate when I uploaded)

 Pizza Box Project

 Present for the Parents

Present for the students

I had some positive reviews from the parents.  They seemed to enjoy the night!  With a few tweaks, it will be even better next year.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pinterest Moment

Time versus Money

This debate is going on in my head as I look at Pinterest everyday.

Case in point...while on vacation we went to the Flea Market in town. My sister and I were determined to find something to "pinterest.". Bingo! She found it. A candleabra! The seller said it was an antique. We didn't care. It was $5. I'm not known for bartering so I bought it for $5.

Dad gave me the instructions to sand the whole thing down and then we could spray paint it. Wow did that sanding take a long time! My arms were sore by the time I was finished. I couldn't get the tiny corners but I did get it pretty smooth.

My mom and I found some spray paint that made it look antique. Wow! It gave it quite the look! After sanding the antique away...I was just spraying back on! But I like how it turned out.

As I'm writing this I go back to the debate. I know that I could've found something at Kohl's or Pier 1 and saved a lot of time but spent more money. However, I was on vacation so I got to take the time to enjoy the project. I am so proud of how it turned out.

I think from now on when I look at a project on Pinterest I'll decide if it's worth the time or the money.  What are your thoughts?

Pictures below! All I need are some candlesticks!

 The find!
 Sandpaper ready to wipe the ugly green paint away
 Cool silver color underneath
 Ready to spray paint

 If you look closely you can see the "hammered" look the spray paint gave it.